Upcoming Events

On October 14, our club will host Mike Moore. He has been doing woodworking and woodturning as a “serious hobbyist” for 30+ years while he worked as an engineer in the materials and precision machining fields. He decided to apply his attention to detail from a career in corporate America to his passion for woodturning. More about Mike can be found at https://www.mmoorewoodturning.com/

On November 11, our club will host June Siple. June enjoys turning but enjoys embellishment of turned objects more. She will demonstrate her carving and coloring techniques for the club. She writes: “I started turning at the Sawtooth (an arts school in WS) in 2018 after I retired as an STEM educator. I stopped in 2019 to take an instructor position teaching English for Academic Purpose at Alamance Community College. In 2021, I took up turning again, taking lessons at ACC. So I’m still a beginner/intermediate. However, what I discovered was that I like embellishing my turning with carving and metal leaf. I think this comes from my history of jewelry making, which I have been doing for the past 10-12 years. For me, turning an object is just the beginning of the creative process.”

Our December meeting will be a lunch with auctions, giveaways and more! Stay tuned for more information!