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NC Woodturners - 2nd Saturday of the month
Saturday, August 9, 2014
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Klingspor's Woodworking Shop

Jim Duxbury

Jim Duxbury



We know of the inventor of this unique scientific instrument, Sir David Brewster, but what of the craftsman, JAMES N. DUXBURY, who, with his numerous skills, creates beautiful pieces specifically for your appreciation and enjoyment.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, James N. Duxbury (Jim) moved to a rural suburb as a young child where his father, a finish carpenter by trade, built the house Jim resided in until relocating to North Carolina.  Jim had an inquisitive mind, and his interests always turned to mechanical and building projects throughout his youth. He pursued a trade as a sheet metal and HVAC contractor.  Ironically, a Presbyterian like Sir David Brewster, the founder of Kaleidoscopes, his desire to serve God and his own congregation while using his technical and creative abilities drew him to a position as properties manager of the Old Stone Church, a beautiful and historic Presbyterian church on Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio

Jim now resides in Graham, North Carolina where the bright warm sun shines down on his little shop almost every day.  Creativity abounds - all sorts of fine turnings are made from small Bottle Stoppers to Bowls, Bud Vases, Trays, Furniture, Kaleidoscopes, Turned Wooden Hats, and even a working Foucault Pendulum.   New models of Kaleidoscopes have been designed resulting in numerous blue ribbons.  Both custom made Kaleidoscopes and the plans to build them are now available on this website.  www.duxterity.com/ec

Check out his website:  www.duxterity.com

Come early….
Check out the library
Raffle Table with many interesting goodies
Spend a few minutes talking with friends
(Bring a baked good to share?)

Stay late ….
Help your friends clean up!


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Challenge Marathon 2013:

And the winner is... Max Schronce

Challenge Marathon 2014:


* The project is due on the meeting date.
* You are eligible each month for a drawing for a tool - you get one ticket per entry submitted.
* If you miss a meeting/project, you can still submit/share the project to have your name in the list of those that participated in all challenge projects - this will entitle you to reduced membership fees ($30) for the next year.  .


Each month there will be a drawing for those who participated for that month's special prize - generally a turning tool.

We will continue giving raffle tickets to the monthly raffle for up to 3 entries each month.


Good Luck!


Unless otherwise noted in the newletter, the monthly meeting is held at Klingspor's in Hickory.

Address: 856 21st Street Dr. SE Phone: 828-326-9663


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