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Abrasives A to Z

Don't remember all the information we got from Chris Smith and Mike Zeigler on sandpapers, etc.?

The information has been recapped in the document for your use and reference. .


Have trouble finding those small eye hooks for ornaments?

You can make your own - use a regular ornament wire hook, a small nail and some pliers. Wrap the wire around the nail. Grab the two ends with the pliers and twist a few times. Slide off the nail and cut to length. You will need to drill a small hole and use CA glue.

{Submitted by Sam McDowell-photo in Jan. 2007 newsletter}


Look No More!

Tired of looking for adjustable wrenches that go with your face plate? I painted the wrench and corresponding face plates with a color. Now, I can keep all the wrenches and face plates together.

{Submitted by Ron Mechling-Feb. 2007 newsletter}


Rare Earth Magnets

Tired of knocking over your friction polish bottle? If you hit it with your arm or froget to move it when you are blowing off the lathe with the compressor, it always get knocked over. Try squeezing one of those rare earth magnets into it and it will be a lot more stable!

{Submitted by Peter Teubel-March 2007 newsletter}


Tool Holders

Using pvc pipe and plexiglass, you can make a convenient tool holder! Simply cut the pvc pipe according to the size of the tool, then cut one end at an angle. Glue the tool holders together with pvc glue and glue to a sheet of plexiglass. This makes a very simple, but effective way to keep your tools organized!

{Submitted by Everett Tucker - May 2007 newsletter}

Use a Squeeze Water Bottle!

Use a squeeze water bottle to displense End Seal. Snap close top keeps sealer from drying out and the squeeze bottle makes it easy to squirt what you need. Carry an old brush to spread, which can be washed out with water if desired.

A Great Finish, Quick Too!

Using Deft Brushing Lacquier in the exact same way as using Mylands Friction Polish dries instantly! It is available from Lowe's; be sure to use the gloss finish. Just sand to high number grits, mop on the lacquer with a paper towel (lathe stopped), then start the lathe and use a dry paper towel to polish the piece. Be sure to use a lot of pressure to build up heat. For more details and a photo, refer to the August 2007 newsletter.

{Submitted by Russell Willis - August 2007 newsletter}


Keep Those Chips From Flying!

A cheap shower curtain can be used to stop wood chips from going all over the shop! Hooks, steel wire, and turnbuckles can be used to securely hang the curtain around your lathe.

{Submitted by Sam McDowell - Sept 2007 newsletter}


Homemade Kiln!!

You can turn an old freezer into a kiln! All you need is an old freezer with a couple of vent holes and filters to keep the critters out. Using a light socket, a 100 watt bulb will give you110 degrees and a 200 watt bulb gives you 150+ degrees.

{Submitted by Sam McDowell - October 2007 newsletter}


Mandrel Hint!

I made a mandrel for making bottle stoppers out of a simple piece of scrap wood turned to be held in a chuck; drilled to accept a 5/16th carriage bolt and nut. A copper pipe joint that was the same diameter as the stopper metal is used as a ferrule. The nut leaves a space to round the bottom of the turning, etc. I just "eyeball" the diameter. I just drill a hole in any old chunk of wood and voila - bottle stopper.



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