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** June 16 2012 photos **    

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Annual "Scholarship" Outing - 10 members for one day

Our host - Frank Penta

Frank demonstrated how to do it and then turned us loose to try and do what he did... [Renhard McLaurin, Ken Phillips and Brent Cook]

???, ??? and Mike Mills taking a closer look
Ken Phillips looks on with interest
Beth Parham shares a laugh with Frank
Frank circulated to see how folks were doing and offer suggestions - here with Jerry Long
There were also five or six members of the local club assisting
There were seven lathes along the two walls and four more down the middle
Throughout the day participants had the active assistance of someone... when they asked for it.
Sharpening tools - is it art, science or just a miracle when it goes right?
When Franks demonstrates sharpening you see the science and the art.
Everyone got a chance to see how to sharpen and to try it for themselves
"Now... how was it you did that??"
Beth Parham
The crew of assistants were very knowledgable... and helpful!
You try to explain a multi-axis finial without sticking a finger in the air!
Notice the clean floor... the assistants made sure the shavings didn't pile up.
When the going gets tough... the tough get to sharpening.
Assistance when you need it...
Renhard McLaurin
Stop turning and listen... you really might learn something very interesting.
You might not want to make everything in the 'box of tricks', but there's enough to keep you busy as you try new things.
Measure once... cut three or four times... measure again.




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